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Wennersten Design and Construction, Inc. has offices at 7 Overlook Drive, Woodcliff Lake, NJ.   Wennersten Design (not to be confused with Wennersten, Inc.) is a licensed construction company by the State of New Jersey and carries all general liability, auto and workman’s compensation insurances in sufficient amounts.  A large number of the projects by WD+C have been featured in various national magazines.  Rob Wenenrsten personally collaborated and executed many of the designs by the renowned architect Eleanor Petterson during the later years of her career.

The company has, for the past 40 plus years, specialized in all phases of residential and commercial construction.  Prior to schematic design, architectural and price-consulting, retainer agreements are offered to the client that details the scope of the project and an estimate design fee.  We will then work with our licensed architect to realize the various design options for your project. 

For a large scale project, a flow chart is prepared that facilitates both material ordering and scheduling of deliveries and subcontractors.

Each client has specific email, document and Excel folders.  Invoicing is typically presented per an itemized construction project cost schedule directly dovetailed to the contract, with any changes addressed on signed Work Authorizations.

The subcontractors that we employ have typically worked with Wennersten Design and Construction for many years, if not decades and over that time we have together built a mutual relationship based on respect for quality work performed on a timely basis. 


 “It is this degree of professionalism that we hope distinguishes our company from our competition.  We take pride in constantly innovating and improving this part of the business in order to maintain the highest standards of practice and help insure of clients’ satisfaction throughout the process.”





Above all else, honesty, integrity and pride are Wennersten’s most prized personal attributes that will never be compromised. 


Construction Cost



Wennersten’s attention to quality in craftsmanship combined with the excellence of its subcontractors offers our clients a complete quote that is inclusive of the "extras" that other contractors typically have not included in their lower bid, but often are passed onto you by the time the job is complete.

As Robert says: “Ultimately, though, I do believe that I give my clients more for their hard-earned money at a lesser price than what my competition does.  You may not see it on paper initially, but I promise you will realize it during and by project’s completion.  The built-in quality will last for many years to come.”




Robert Wennersten, Owner / President




Robert graduated from Glen Rock High School in 1967 and then went on to attend Clemson University in South Carolina, the College of Architecture.  He majored and graduated with a degree in architecture along with minor degrees in architectural history and art. 


Upon graduating in 1971, Robert and his father Edward incorporated Wennersten Inc., specializing in the construction of custom designed homes in northern Bergen County.  One year later, in 1972, Robert’s younger brother Richard joined the company.  In 1995, the business name was changed and incorporated to the company’s name Wennersten Design and Construction, Inc.  It was at this time that the WD+C formalized the architectural and construction aspects of the business into a single entity as a design/build company.  The major benefit of this approach has been to jointly attach cost estimating to developing design and directing that towards a client’s budget and the feasibility of the project eventually being built.


Robert and Nina, his wife, live in the house they built in 1985.  The house’s style can be characterized as “eclectic modern”, with its basic design and construction incorporating many aspects of sound environmentally conscious design.  Robert spends his spare time working with his hands, painting, carving and reading. He also enjoys international travel, predominantly to various countries in Africa (check out Nina’s company Hippo Creek Safaris), and yearly fishing retreats to the outback areas of Southeast, Alaska.  Robert presently serves as owner and president of the Company.


“Foremost, be true to yourself and your ethics and always lend help when you can to both man or animal”


Brian Wennersten, LEED AP, Business Development  



Brian, Rob's nephew, has been welcomed in the company as the next generation and acts as a Manager of Business Development.  Brian attended Ridgewood High School and went on to graduate from Rutgers University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Business Economics.  Brian is a "green" building educator and consultant who has co-founded SKYed Eco Education based in New York City.  SKYed teaches Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) exam preparation courses publicly at the AIA NY Center for Architecture and at Bergen Community College.  The courses are geared towards design, construction and real estate professionals that are looking to further their professional development and understanding of green building  practices.


 Brian lived in California for five years and during that time concentrated his efforts on “building green”.  As a LEED Accredited Professional he worked as a LEED consultant to construction projects of varying scales from individual homes to a proposed $1.3 billion beachfront convention center.  He has also worked on projects ranging from commercial office buildings, an airport tower, retail centers and college campus buildings.  Brian is also a member of the US Green Building Council as an Emerging Professional, a Young Leader of the Urban Land Institute, and serves as a Board Member for the Rutgers University Alumni Association.  


In his free time Brian enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, sailing, and kayaking.


“My focus today is helping to accelerate the building industry towards eco friendly “green” construction, both for today and future generations.”



Heidi Cylinder, Office Manager


Heidi is our go-to person here in the office.  If you can’t find it, ask Heidi.  She wears two hats, that of the bookkeeper and office manager.  She works Monday through Friday mornings and makes sure that all of the small details are dealt with on a daily basis and are not left be done “tomorrow".